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Our Laser Punch process for light sheet metal is faster, more accurate & delivers components that require, no deburring


Right Equipment / Latest Technology / Rigorous quality control

62% Reduction in operations, combination of ‘laser’ and ‘punch’ ensures forming, folding, countersinking and tapping can be completed in one operation

  • Perfect solution for processing traditional / exotic metals: Alloy, Stainless, Mild steel, Titanium, Inconel, Brass and Copper
  • Our laser punch process does not require components to be deburred
  • Optimum cutting quality, higher degree of accuracy and faster than traditional methods
  • Quality is delivered by scratch-free processing. Flexibility is delivered due to the much faster set up times

laser punch process explainedLaser for sheet metal part production

We saw an opportunity to combine the two laser technologies and deliver better cost and time efficiencies.

Laser for sheet metal part production has begun to take over from more traditional punch applications. Punching is performed by shearing, the result of placing metal sheets between an upper tool (the punch) and a lower tool (the die).

Laser punch is a process which involves the metal being nibbled, leaving witness marks on the outside profile which are not acceptable on some applications. The component or part will also need deburring (neatening or smoothing  the rough edges).


When utilising our laser punch technology the parts come off the machine finished, with no requirement for deburring. The laser capability allows for optimum sheet utilisation which is key when processing high value metals. See: Five reasons the laser punch combination delivers.

Argon Die: ONE OF A KIND

The uniquely specified Hutchinson Engineering Laser Punch includes an Argon Die which delivers zero splatter on the underside of Titanium parts when processing. This machine is the only one in the UK and one of only three in the world.


  • High Quality end components
  • Optimum cutting quality
  • Flexibility due to faster set up times compared to traditional turret punch machines
  • Removes the need for manual operations such as countersinking, tapping and folding, reducing the number of operations overall,
  • Higher level of accuracy than traditional methods.


  • Maximum sheet size 3050 x 1600
  • Material processing up to 8mm thick
  • Automatic loading and unloading of all materials
  • 2kW TruFlow CO2 laser for high precision cutting results
  • Productive punch processing with a max. stroke rate of 900 per min
  • Brush table for scratch-free processing

Hutchinson Engineering: precise, sub-contract laser tube cutting services in Bristol

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Hutchinson Engineering: precise, sub-contract laser tube cutting services.

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