Its not complete till it’s finished, detail is crucial

When Bristol’s Hutchinson Engineering’s design team start a project with a new client, detail is crucial.

Even at this early stage we advise the type of finishing required which should be agreed upon. We offer a complete end to end service and this includes various finishing techniques, which will add durability, increase the aesthetics of your product and help promote your brand. We have dedicated area of our factory purposely set aside to be able to deal with your assembly work.

Assembling components for clients since 1971

  • 50 years experience providing exceptionally high quality components
  • Industry leading specialists in the supply of assemblies and sub assemblies
  • Operations of nutsert, toggling, and riveting services
  • ISO9001 accreditation as standard
  • Hydraulic rams, wiper assemblies, engine cradles
  • Highly-experienced kitting team

Our highly-experienced kitting team can collate orders to our clients’ specific requirements, whether that’s as part of a sub assembly for ease of manufacture, or boxing and barcoding each item individually.

Products we currently assemble include the following: wiper assemblies, engine cradles, addition of insulation to panels for the road transport sector and full production of forestry and agricultural machinery complete with hydraulic rams.


Hutchinson Engineering’s scope of supply has reached the Far East, where we have supplied Complete Knock Down (CKD) kits for over five years. We have packed the required components securely and safely into containers that have been shipped directly to the customer from our UK manufacturing site.


Kitting directly to your production line for Just In Time production has allowed our customers to reduce their stockholding, releasing valuable manufacturing space and still having their parts delivered on time. Pre-sorted kits save time by ensuring all necessary components are available at the point they are required. Individually managed parts can be difficult to locate, which triggers extra man hours, and delays production.

Kitting ultimately allows our clients to focus on what they do best; manufacture high quality machinery.


Every successful company invests in developing and promoting its brand and logo. Colour is key to recognising and picking out your brand in a crowded market place, even if it is a 30 tonne dumper truck. A number of the finishing techniques we offer literally have no limitation on the colour that can be achieved. If you have a sample we can match it.


Hutchinson Engineering: precise, sub-contract laser tube cutting services in Bristol

"Five Decades of experience gives us the ability to help you through the whole process from concept to completion."

Whatever the format we can take your ideas we can turn them into a reality.

From single samples or prototypes to full 3D model files or volume production, everything you need is available in house under one roof as you would expect from a leader in the sub-contract engineering field.

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At Hutchinson Engineering (Bristol) we know that it's crucial to deliver to the highest quality standards. We put quality at the centre of everything we do. The team work hard to maintain not only our quality accreditations, but also maintain our own stringent internal systems and processes.

ISO 9001 Bristol

Hutchinson Engineering: precise, sub-contract laser tube cutting services.

Services Offered in Somerset and Gloucestershire: CAD / CAM Support; Design Assistance; Prototype Services; Low Volume Production; High Volume Production; Inspection / Quality Control Specialty Cutting: Tube / Pipe; Film / Sheet

"Hutchinson Engineering's policy of continuous investment in equipment & technology (£3.6m) ensures we stay at the leading edge maintaining our 50 year reputation for quality products with a service to match."

Established in 1971

Advanced Engineering in Bristol

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